"It\'s not about the golf...it\'s about family!"

The Father and Three Sons Golf Classic started as a formal golf tournament but has evolved into an annual tradition with a focus on family, friendship and fun. Founded by the Tilden (Rent-a-Car) family in 1935, the event was first held in Montreal and has since been held in various parts of Ontario and Quebec.

Over the last few decades the "FATS" event has been held at courses primarily in Central and Southern Ontario, and for many families has become a "must attend" annual event. Each year welcomes New and Returning families alike, some of whom have participated for 50+ consecutive years!

Year Course Host Family
2023 Legends at Niagara
August 18th
2024 TBD Luciani (30th)
2025 (90th) TBD Boyer (30th)
2026 TBD Isaacs (25th)
2027 TBD TBD
2028 TBD Lancaster (20th)

Some basic principles apply to the event:

  • Open to families with a father and 3 (or more) sons
  • Focus is on family, friendship and fun - golf is just the activity!
  • Range of ages and abilities - past age ranges have been from 9 yrs old to 87 yrs young - for some it\'s their ONLY round of golf each year
  • Participants are paired with others of similar golfing ability (fathers usually play with fathers, sons with sons)
  • There are some prizes for great golfing, but others include worst score, random draws, etc.
  • Emphasis on building family traditions