The Father and Three Sons Golf Classic has been a Canadian family golfing tradition since 1935.  Founded by the Tilden Family (Tilden Rent-a-Car) and first played in Montreal, it has grown into a into a tradition in which some families have played for as many as 35 years consecutively.

Year Course Host Family
2019 The Club at Bond Head
Bond Head, ON
2020 TBD

For many families it has become a "must attend" annual event, with fathers and sons often travelling across the country to participate each year.  While the event has been hosted in various parts of Ontario and Quebec in the past, over the last few decades it has been centered more consistently throughout Central and Southern Ontario.

Some basic principles apply to the event:

  • Tournament is open to families with a father who has at least 3 sons
  • Focus on family, friendship and fun
  • No age limits - past age ranges have been from 9 yrs old to 87 yrs young
  • Golfers are paired with others of similar golfing ability (fathers usually play with fathers, sons with sons)
  • Cumulative family score counts, but emphasis is on fun, with trophies and awards for the best score and the worst score and others in between