2017 Photos - Families

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Bain Boyer
4th Year 23rd Year
Burkholder Butler
10th Year (Howard)/5th Year (Chris) 8th Year
Clugston Coetzee
12th Year 10th Year
Gallo Golfi
11th Year 6th Year
Hart Henderson
1st Year 7th Year
Hisey Isaacs
20th Year 15th Year
Kerr Lancaster
8th Year 11th Year
Lauer (Geof) Lauer (Ralph)
18th Year 18th Year
Leon Luciani
1st Year 23rd Year
Maher McArthur
1st Year 1st Year
McBride McLennan
5th Year 4th Year
Nash Nishikawa
34th Year 9th Year
Rodin Siemms
4th Year 8th Year
Sketchley Vickers
32nd Year 2nd Year
29th Year

Host Families Sons and Grandsons of Dick Lauer
Isaacs/Nishikawa (Alumni Father)