Closest to the Coyles

Trophy - Closest to the Coyles.jpg (29914 bytes) In recognition of the tradition that the Father and Three Sons Golf Classic has become for many families, the Gord Coyle family - who participated in 37 consecutive years - donated this trophy in 2011 after Gord passed away. The original intent was to award it to the family with the longest consecutive participation streak.  Realizing the same family would appear (hopefully) repeatedly, the format was changed in 2012 to recognize a different long-standing family each year.

Closest to the Coyles Winners

Yr Host Course Consecutive
2022 Black Bear Ridge 32 (37) Sketchley (Stuart, Steve, Darren, Jason)
2021 No Tournament (COVID)
2019 The Club at Bond Head 25 Boyer (Michael, Jason, Ryan, Brandon)
2018 Copetown Woods - Copetown 24 Luciani (Gino, Michael, David, Richard)
2017 Whirlpool - Niagara 23 Boyer (Michael, Jason, Ryan, Brandon)
2016 Rebel Creek - Petersberg 19 Hisey (Sam, Steven, Dennis, Brian)
2015 Deer Creek - Ajax 27 Waite (Bruce, John, Jeff, James)
2014 Horseshoe Valley - Barrie 20 Luciani (Gino, Michael, David, Richard)
2013 Black Bear Ridge - Belleville 28 Sketchley (Stuart, Steve, Darren, Jason)
2012 Battlefield - Niagara Falls 29 Nash (John, Jay, David, Colin, David, Mark, Jordan)

Trophy donated to be awarded to longest participating family. In order to recognize overall longevity, format was changed in 2012 to recognize long standing participation of a different family each year.
2011 Tangle Creek - Barrie 28 Nash (John, Jay, David, Colin, David, Mark, Jordan)
26 Sketchley (Stuart, Steve, Darren, Jason)
23 Waite (Bruce, John, Jeff, James)

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