Family Scramble Trophy

The Family Scramble is an optional event played the day before the official FATS Golf Classic. Seen by many as an opportunity to preview the course and play with family members, it has developed into a tradition unto itself, featuring good natured rivalries and perennial favourites vying for bragging rights. Some families with more than 3 sons often use the round as an unofficial "playoff" to determine which 3 boys will form the official team in the next day\'s event.

Family Scramble Winners

Yr Host Course Score Family
2022 Black Bear Ridge -14 Lancaster (Ken, Mike, Cam, Chris)
2021 No Tournament (COVID)
2019 The Club at Bond Head -13 Lancaster (Ken, Mike, Cam, Chris)
2018 Copetown Woods - Copetown -13 Bain (Bob, Sandy, Chris, Adrian)
2017 Whirlpool - Niagara -17 Vickers (Scott, Curtis, Brett, Kyle)
2016 Rebel Creek - Petersberg -14 Condotta (Joe, Matteo, Lucas, Jaden)
2015 Deer Creek - Ajax -15 Lancaster (Ken, Mike, Cam, Chris)
2014 Horseshoe Highlands - Barrie -11 Tie (Lancaster & Kerr Families)
2013 Black Bear Ridge - Belleville - No Info
2012 Battlefield (Legends of Niagara) - No Info
2011 Tangle Creek - Barrie -17 Boyer (Michael, Jason, Ryan, Brandon)
2010 Hockley Valley - Orangeville -9 Critelli (Tom Sr., Tom, Don, Joe)
2009 Rebel Creek - Petersburg -15 Lancaster (Ken, Mike, Cam, Chris)
2008 Firerock - London -13 Luciani (Gino, David, Michael, Richard)
2007 Tangle Creek - Barrie -15 Bird (Harvey, Greg, Brad, Alan)

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