Welcome, and thanks for your interest in our wonderful event.

Visitors to this area who are indeed members of a "new family" are strongly urged to read through each topic in this section in its entirety.   The aim is to provide you with specific information on what to expect before, during and after the event - from logistics to traditions to dress codes.

Additionally, new and returning families alike are encouraged to read through the section.  This will give you a much better sense of the concept and traditions of the event, as well as provide some interesting facts that even the longest standing families may not know.

There is a which provides rules and guidelines on how the event is to be executed.  It is worth bearing in mind, though, that the Host Family each year has the option to modify many aspects of the event as need or mood dictates, so some information provided may not be exact.  However, the overall concept and traditions of the golf event are to be respected and followed, and the information in this section will therefore prepare you well for what will hopefully become a longstanding tradition for your family.

(The vast majority of information in this section is taken from the excellent "New Family Orientation" document created by Richard Luciani for new families joining in 2006, the year the Luciani family hosted the tournament.  Richard, together with Dan Herbert - of a past long attending family - also compiled a significant amount of information presented in the History section.)